By Dave Lalin

the "Audio Doctor"

Unique High-Performance

Entertainment Technology

If You Liked Audiodoctor you will Love Audio Intellect

Audiodoctor is rebranding under Audio Intellect  to better reflect our concept of smart audio, expanded nation wide offering and new online store.  We are the same trusted people with the same phone and address, private showroom and amazing product lines.


Please update  your records and bookmarks.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Our History

Dave Lalin the "Audio Doctor" has 30+ years industry experience working his way up from a small  NJ audio dealer to working with some of the most prestegious dealers in New York City before starting as a regional high end dealer and showroom back in 2008.  Audio Doctor provided sales, installation and support primarily in the NJ /NY metro area.

Dave realized Audio Doctor was getting interest from enthusiasts from all over the United States that were not always near a major dealer or too busy to visit his showroom.  At the same time more and more people were contacting Audio Doctor interpreting them as purely a repair facility which is not our core business.

In 2019 Dave began Audio Intellect to rebrand his concept of providing access to innovative technology nationwide via our Online Store and Used Equipment Marketplace as well as continue to be a regional manufactuers representatives and showroom for the NJ / NY metro area.


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