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High Performance audio Systems, Components and Lifestyle Electronics

State-of-the-Art Home Theater Systems and Media Rooms 

Beautifully hand crafted systems that Blend seemlesly into a home environment. 

Whole House Distributed Audios andHome

People who demand the very best in class that is unique, beautiful and performant 


Audio Intellect is a provider of unique, stylish and state of the audio and home automation products.   

We test and evaluate the finest products from manufacturers all over the world to identify the most unique, finest quality and best value cutting edge equipment available. We are not a retail storefront we are the vision, passion, and expertise, of one of the industry's most passionate music lovers, and equipment enthusiasts.

We offer the Worlds most Unique, Beautiful and High Performing Audio Components & Systems

Home Theater

A real home theater experience is just that, an experience! Remember the excitement that you got as a kid, watching your first great movie! With the best modern equipment, and careful setup, we can bring the magic of Hollywood back into your home viewing time.


A great home theater experience doesn't have to cost a zillion dollars; Audio Doctor has can help you acquire

the right products to be able to produce extraordinary result no matter what your budget is. The difference in the realism of the surround sound effect and how immersive the experience is, the more you spend the more realistic the sound is, the more enthralling the picture is, the more your pulse will pound.

High End Audio

High end audio is the pursuit of recreating the magic of real music in your home. A high end audio system doesn't have to be expensive or complicated, it does have to be carefully assembled and it does need to be comprised of components from companies dedicated to producing the highest quality.  


The ideals of a high end audio product is to reproduce music as accurately as possible.

Most high end audio components are produced by small dedicated companies. The high end ideal is to build superior engineered components which focus on musical accuracy and not useless features; this is very different from mass market products which are based more on features than on sound quality.


Distributed Audio

If you are dreaming of the ability to listen to music in many rooms in your home than a distributed music system is what you want. Today a distributed music system can actually make real high quality music and not the boring lifeless elevator music of systems of the past.


Audio Intellect offers several types of systems which range in price and level of musical quality. These systems can be simple conduits for distributing music, or can become the backbone of a whole house automation system.