By Dave Lalin

the "Audio Doctor"

Unique High-Performance

Entertainment Technology


I've been purchasing audio equipment as a hobbyist for over twenty years. During this time I've interacted with many high end retail establishments. It has generally been my experience that these businesses act in a business sort of way that is in their own best interest. They push equipment that is not necessarily in the best interest of their customer and once the sale is Consummated they lose interest in the customer until the pending next sale.  R. Saturo, NYC  "

"  I can't say enough good things about the Audio Doctor.  Dave's MO . He stocks quite a wide variety of brands - the amount of gear available to hear is amazing.  And Dave's very knowledgeable about all of it - you never get the feeling he's winging it.  He's also a very nice guy.   A couple more comments.  I've been to many NYC dealers.  Some of them are great.  But some of them you get the feeling they're weighing your wallet the second you walk in the door.  This isn't like that.  Dave is looking for long-terms customers, and so there's no arm-twisting: he knows if you leave happy you'll come back.  He also beats many NYC dealers just for # of lines carried.  Bottom line: if you love music and hi-fi, AD is a great bet.  Chowhundius I. Brooklyn, NY.  "

" The shopping experience is unique, Once I walked through the door I was blown away, there is every type of audio and video systems you can imagine on display, and the quality of the brands and the sound rooms, all are exceptional.

I came back several times to audition gear; I ultimately bought a great music system. The sound rooms are like what real people have at home. This is one cool and fun way to shop,   - Tom Delancy, New York, NY  "

High praise for the Audio Doctor!  went to the Audio Doctor to check out their assortment of speakers and walked away with a pair of Legacy Focus Signature to replace my Audio Physic Scorpios.  An audio salon in the classic style, housed in a Victorian Mansion, with all the audio gear you could possibly want, ranging from inexpensive surround sound systems to top of the line 2 way audiophile setups.  Dave, the owner, was very helpful in finding the perfect match for my setup and did not shy away from demonstrating every speaker in my price range. All the fun stuff is at hand: a T&A amp @ $20K, a pair of KEF Blade speakers for $25K, Rega and Nottingham and much more.   I would highly recommend to make an appointment and check out their gear. The visiting hours are flexible to accommodate people with a day time job. Easily accessible from NYC by public transportation or if that is to cumbersome you can Über-it.  Arun K. Jersey City, NJ  "