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Direct Calling:  You are welcome to call us directly 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday at  877-428-2873 .  Please keep in mind our limited staff is often busy helping customers or writing consultations or already booked on a prescheduled phone call.  If you are already in our system we will gladly call you back or where we can't reach you, send you a phone consultation scheduling link.


If you are a new customer to Audio Intellect: Please fill out the General or RFQ forms above and request a call back in the notes and we shall reply via email to answer your questions and if required call you or send you a phone consultation scheduling link.

Existing Audio Intellect clients:  If you are already in our system, you can email  sales @ to open a dialog pertaining to new sales or request a callback and we will reply via email and or send you a scheduling link to set a date and time that is mutually available for you and our staff for a phone consultation..


Billing, Technical Support:    Please email support @


Vendors or Operations:    Please email our office at admin @



Video Calling:  Where applicable, we can offer optional remote sales video meetings to show / demonstrate items in our showroom.  We use Skype because it is readily available for all computer and mobile platforms. If you wish to schedule a video call please do so by communicating with our Sales dept by sending an email to sales@ and they will send you a video schedulinig link.




Audio Intellect is open Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm.



Audio Intellect is located in nearby Jersey City New Jersey  serving the NJ / NY audio enthusiast market but we also ship nation wide.  Our offices are within 15 minutes of downtown NY easy to reach via all modes of transportation.



Audio Intellect does selective presentations and private listening auditions for prequalifed parties in the Metro area by appointment only. The reasons are simple; we need to understand your requirements and expectations to insure we can provide you with the best solution for your budget.  Auditions must be scheduled in advance to allow us sufficient time to setup equipment and allocate staff to insure you have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.