By Dave Lalin

the "Audio Doctor"

Unique High-Performance

Entertainment Technology

Dave Lalin - Owner and Chief Designer

Dave Lalin the "Audio Doctor"  

Pursuing great sound has been a lifelong obsession starting at age five! I have always been fascinated with what creates great sound, as well as how technology, impacts our lives.


For over 30 years I have been working professionally in the high performance home entertainment industry, working for some of New York Cities Most Prestegious Dealers before forming my own firm.  I have sold thousands of audio components, and designed and installed hundreds of complete sound systems, as well as full Home Theaters and Media Rooms.


I have served in all facets of this industry: from sales, system design, blue printing, remote programming, wiring and installation work.  With a lifetime of experience my goal has always been creating magic for my clients and prescribing sound advice (pun intended) which earned me the nickname Audio Doctor.

I"ve been fortunate to attract clients from all over the United states from enthusiasts or executives seeking out the best in class, to Hollywood A list Actors, Producers, and Musicians who have been referred to me (usually by word of mouth from other clients seeking out the finest advise and equipment.

I have many accomplishments including designing corporate office systems for Tommy Boy Records in 1993 which was a major 6 figure project spanning three corporate offices with reference grade sound systems designed to show off Tommy Boy's roster of talent.  Another milestone was to design a state of the art Music playback system for an ultra-high end classical record label in New York City, Quintessential Sound. 


I have studied Home Theater design with Russ Herschelman, who is considered the founding father of what a state of the art scientifically designed home theater is all about.


I have studied acoustical theory and practice with Toni Grimmani of Lucas Films, and PMI Acoustics, I have studied creating an immersive home theater experience with haptics pioneer Keith Yates.


I have discovered and championed many new high end audio brands throughout the years and have always been at the forefront of using and the latest in music reproduction and distributed home technologies.

Dave Lalin the "Audio Doctor"  brings you a lifetime of experience combined with a passion for perfection.