By Dave Lalin

the "Audio Doctor"

Unique High-Performance

Entertainment Technology

About Us

Audio Intellect is a provider of unique, stylish and state of the audio and home automation products.  We operate a private listening room where we test and evaluate the finest products from manufacturers all over the world. We are not a retail storefront we are the vision, passion, and expertise, of one of the industry's most passionate music lovers, and equipment enthusiasts.


For over 30 years, We have been working in the audio industry perfecting the art of creating audio and video systems which transcend the physicality of inanimate electronics boxes, the elusive goal is to be able to recreate the illusion of living, breathing, musicians playing in your own home; and in the case of a surround sound system, to transport the viewer inside the action of a Hollywood movie!


To accomplish this goal requires both knowledge and experimentation to find just the right group of components, this is one reason why we sell a vast variety of different components, to be able to match our clients' specific needs, budgets and sonic aspirations.

Audio Intellect caters to everyone, from the beginning music lover on a budget, to those seeking the finest in audio and video equipment. We are specialists in the art of stealth audio, which is the skillful deployment of home entertainment products designed to artistically blend in, harmoniously into a home's décor.  We welcome you to contact us and schedule a consultation to evaluate your goals and budget so we can design the perfect solution for your needs.

Our Philosophy

Finding The Balance Between Form and Function
Cost and Performance

Find the Highest Performing and Most Unique and Beautiful Products in the Industry !

We are very proud to represent a superb collection of audio components manufacturers from small independent specialty companies, from all over the world. In every product category you will find unique products not found in most audio stores.  We represent products at the forefronts in their respective classes based on their great sound quality, technology, construction quality and asthetic beauty never on marketing hype !

Pursue Excellence and Value !

We are excited to represent products which punch outside of their price class to be able to create the best possible sound at the most reasonable prices possible.

Seek Out and Implement Emerging Trends to Give our Clients the Best Possible Results !

When you seek out a custom solution you are looking at technology which will become an integral part of your home and lifestyle. Audio Intellect saw the writing on the wall years ago, with the emergence of IPods and IP control and signal distribution. Our multi room distributed house wide music and home automation system is based on IP technology.

Our Listening Laboratory

Our listening rooms allow us to evaluate classic and emerging brands and new technologies from some of the industries brightest minds and class leading manufacturers from all over the world!   When we tell you that a set of speakers that costs $30,000 sounds as good or better than an Industry reference brand of speakers that cost $110,000, we can do so because we have both in our showroom and have done the A / B comparisoins for you.

Our evaluations are done in real world conditions with direct cabling avoiding signal loss and distortion from switch boxes.  We do testing in hard and soft environments using a variety of reference music chosen to benchmark how each component behaves indivdually as well as in use within a system.  We score each component and system using our trained ears as well as spectral analyzers so when we tell you product A will work perfectly for your environment, listening preferences and budget you can trust our recomendations. 


We have always believed that shopping for audio equipment should be a relaxing, and enjoyable experience, with that in mind, we have turned a restored Victorian Home into an audio/video oasis, with 3 floors of sound rooms, and eight individual listening areas, including a dedicated Movie Theater with five playable Home Theater and Media Room scenarios, all for our clients to experience the best in superb Home Entertainment.  In our showrooms you will find over 60 lines of remarkable audio and video products from all over the world, from some of the most fascinating minds in home entertainment!


Our demoing process also guarantees you great results: NO SWITCHBOARDS, good quality cabling, power conditioning, proper speaker positioning and carefully setup demos!

Our History

Dave Lalin the "Audio Doctor" has 30+ years industry experience working his way up from a small  NJ audio dealer to working with some of the most prestegious dealers in New York City before starting as a regional high end dealer and showroom back in 2008.  Audio Doctor provided sales, installation and support primarily in the NJ /NY metro area.

Dave realized Audio Doctor was getting interest from enthusiasts from all over the United States that were not always near a major dealer or too busy to visit his showroom.  At the same time more and more people were contacting Audio Doctor interpreting them as purely a repair facility.

In 2019 Dave began Audio Intellect to rebrand his concept of providing access to innovative technology nationwide via our Online Store and Used Equipment Marketplace as well as continue to be a regional manufactuers representatives and showroom for the NJ / NY metro area.